10 Principles of Good Design Today

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언어 English
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ISBN 9789887506959
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Dieter Rams, an icon in industrial design. The 10 principles of good design set out by Dieter Rams in 1995 have influenced and inspired a new generation of designers in search of 
the perfect balance between practicality, simplicity and aesthetics.

What does good design mean in the 21st century? How the 10 principles have influenced modern design? In this book, established and emerging designers tell us how they understand and put 
these rules into practice thereby contributing to the definition of what good design in the 21st century means, according to the criteria defined by Rams.

Editor’s Recommendation

· 100 instrumental and typical projects practice the “Ten Principles of Good Design” by contemporary designers. An inspirational guide enables designers to find the balance among 
practicality, simplicity and aesthetics.

· Showcases contemporary produces from the globe; a host of work by iconic designers, such as NENDO, NERI & HU, LARA BOHINC and so on.





























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