Scandinavian Residence Design: Furniture, Accessories and Colours

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언어 English
커버타입 Hardback
페이지수 276
ISBN 9781913536206
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Scandinavian design is welcomed for its simple and clean accents by many people. Based on the less-is-more aesthetic, Scandinavian style aims to create an atmosphere that evokes a sense of serenity, harmony and simplicity. Every home tells a story.

This book features many representative houses of Scandinavian style all over the world. It will take you to know the beauty of Scandinavian Residences — simple, fresh, natural and warm, reflecting the concepts green and eco-friendly, without adding luxury or gorgeous decoration. This book analyses the design concept of Scandinavian style according to furniture, accessories and colours with features 39 houses that possess different characteristics. It is a guide book rooted in function and design essentials and provides practical advice and design inspiration.

1. This book features numerous beautifully designed homes and deeply analyses the understated beauty of Scandinavian residence from the colours, refined materials and other aspects. It is a perfect book for anyone who loves Scandinavian design.

2. Project designers share the specific details of each project, as well as the key points and difficulties in the design process. They will answer the questions of designers who have just got into the Scandinavia style with a more mindful way of living and decorating.











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