Contemporary Furniture and Interior Design

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언어 English
커버타입 Hardback
페이지수 296
ISBN 9781913536213
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“Placing more weight on decoration than on remodeling” is an international popular concept for life and interior design. Following the new trends in the contemporary furniture industry, this book focuses on furniture fabrics while also taking into account the structure, materials and colors in furniture design. It displays numerous products and teaches readers how to use them to create a personalized space.

1. This book makes up for the fact that purely project-presenting books are easily outdated. It refuses to blindly chase the replacement of furniture but focuses on the application of fabrics, materials and colors in furniture design. With numerous case studies of famous designers and international furniture companies, it gives a detailed interpretation of furniture from many aspects.

2. This book is divided into three parts: products, projectsand interviews:

•Products: Each piece of furniture has high-res images and information about size, materials, colors, which helps readers better understand them.

•Projects: Select projects provide readers with inspiration by presenting the layout and collocation skills of contemporary furniture.

•Interviews: In depth interview offers a way to approach product designers and interior designers, and acquire professional design concepts and matching skills.




























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