Logo Design in Branding

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언어 English
출시일 2023-02
커버타입 Binding Hardback
페이지수 296p
ISBN 978-988-18799-6-7
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Logo Design in Branding



Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, once said, "An impressive brand brings intangible assets such as brand premiums and value-added, which are based on the impression of the brand in the minds of consumers." This book starts from the typeface, graphics and colour scheme, breaking down the LOGO to analyse the design process. Commonly used techniques are listed, teaching you how to design an excellent LOGO.


Divided into five chapters, this book not only introduces the importance of LOGO design, principles and the conventional process, but also provides an in-depth analysis of the typeface and graphic design in LOGO. The book also contains more than 70 excellent case studies from different industries, including some classic cases with detailed design ideas. From knowledge to practice, from explanations to cases, this is a good understanding, comprehensive and practical design guide.

Editor’s Recommendation


· The book goes from simple to in-depth, with a wide range of content, from font types to design techniques, so that even readers with 

zero knowledge can easily get started.


· The knowledge is combined with practical exercises, and comparative diagrams of actual results allow readers to better understand each point.


· 70+ case studies from around the world, covering 20 industries, showcasing different LOGO cases from different industries and styles, and inspiring more 

with works that have really been tested in the market!


· For beginners in the design field, this book is a designer's knockout and a treasure trove of inspirational ideas; for beginners, this book is good for 

building a solid  foundation and establishing the right LOGO design concept; for entrepreneurs, this book can be used to learn from successful cases and 

create the most suitable brand style for themselves.

















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